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Partial Project List *

Park Tahoe, Stateline Nevada
Game monitoring software.  Estimated handle and win for games.  Also developed reel strip combination program for slot machines which maximized near-miss percentages for preset symbols or defined symbols for a hold value.

Bluebook, Inc.
Designed software for data collection, data storage and retrieval, along with a pricing analysis and an on-demand publishing system for used price guides.

International Paper Company
A pre-Internet (1990) distributed application using a proprietary protocol and serial communications to automate ordering, verification of inventory, and order confirmation.

Unisource  (
ALCO Standard)
Browser and application access to real time material pricing through the Internet, along with various Application Programming Interfaces for client and server applications.  Conversion of proprietary database to standardized searchable format with browser interface.

SheetWise Software (click)
SheetWise Print Production software has been an ongoing project for over 18 years.  This software library has evolved over several operating systems, and been in continual use since 1987.

YMCA National Fund Raiser
150th Anniversary
Developed a passive Internet application to accept orders, process payments, determine shipping method, generate a shipping manifest, print labels and invoices, resolve bank accounts and then report sales with revenue distributions to several central offices.  Designed to serve the YMCA of the USA's 18 million members selling Holiday cards between Thanksgiving and December 1st, this program was capable of processing up to 2 million orders per day.

Red Hot Poker
Developed a 5 reel slot machine that has a very intuitive payoff based on Poker hands, with wild cards and Bonus rounds.  The game runs two  Progressive Jackpots, one for a daily win and the second for 5 Jokers.  The game is never over until the last reel stops.  The game was developed for a charity fund raising event.  The download version was designed for casino play.
A casino game simulator.  Gregg collected some of the best game simulations he has written in the past 30 years, and combined them into one application.  The user can preset both play and wagering strategies, then see a simulated output for millions of trials in minutes. 
Developed Data Composer.  A software interface for private investigators searches multiple public records databases with a single entry.  Data Composer negotiates menus and passwords, delivering a single formatted web document reflecting the content of public records data sources.

These are just a sample of many software solutions developed for diverse industries, including printing, publishing, audio, gaming, banking, fund-raising, entertainment, investigations, Internet and e-commerce.   Our software library allows us to develop many new applications simply by modifying software code we have already developed for other projects.
* All projects completed by SheetWise Software and Gregg Lowney are represented in the SheetWise software library.

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